Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Cards #2 - The Mint Set

Well, I finished a set of four cards last weekend that I call the "mint set".  My life is usually very busy anyway and the idea of starting a blog in the summer probably wasn't one of my brightest ideas because I thought I'd blog at least "weekly" but now that it's almost July 23 (I realized the last blog was one month ago!)  It's been a fun filled summer though that is for sure, despite still working so much and only being weekend warriors we've been camping several nights and have managed to eat out many times for dinner and take in a couple movies and a couple trips to the pool!  I'm really hoping for at least one more trip to the pool!  It's my favorite place!  If we lived by an ocean I'd be there at least once a day!!!  Well I still need to stamp the envelopes for my cards and then I'll post the final pic.  I just thought I'd take a few minutes and at least get the blog up so I'm within the "once a month" range.