Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Sherbert Cards Completed

My plan was to start my new blog at the first of June... well it's mid June now and I know I just have to dive in and get going with my blogs and short term projects.  So tonight's plan is in progress - new blog and working on a quick set of cards. I'm focusing on the colors of sherbet ice cream.  My first set is orange. I just got the Framework Alphabet stamp set from Close To My Heart, this is a set I've been wanting for quite sometime.  I have some fun ideas for this set.  I plan on coloring in the space with dots, lines, hearts, etc.  I'm using some older scraps of paper that have been sitting around for a very long time and challenging myself to keep it simple!  I can get stuck easily on details.  I'll try to remember to add some pictures at the end of the project.  After the orange, I'll do some pink, yellow and green - I think that's all of the sherbet colors right?  Hmmm, I better go buy some sherbet now! I could go for a treat tonight.  Happy Summer, Happy Creating.